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A network of independent and established Fashion designers from across the globe created for you. 

Bring out your inner self through fashion!

Our Mission

Express your true self with fashion!

UNFOLLOWORLD embodies more than just a brand; it's a mindset, a way of life that celebrates individuality and the courage to stand apart from the crowd, embracing who you truly are without fear of being judged. 

We hold the belief that fashion is a powerful medium to reveal your inner self and narrate your personal journey through your style.

We strive to encourage individuals and the future generation to lead fulfilling lives, stay true to their core, and bravely question the norm in pursuit of their dreams.

Global Fashion Curations

Our collection features a dynamic range of creators from around the world, from renowned designers to rising talents.

We emphasize the unique essence of each brand through curated capsule collections.

By collaborating intimately with our chosen designers, we delve into the heart of their creative inspiration.

Meet The Founder

Meet Serge Gakpé, the founder of UNFOLLOWORLD

Serge's transition from professional footballer to fashion entrepreneur led to the creation of UNFOLLOWORLD in October 2021.

His mother, a skilled seamstress who moved from Togo to France in the '80s, greatly influenced his upbringing.

Growing up in Paris, Serge was immersed in the world of sewing and fashion, with his home serving as both a living space and his mother's sewing studio.

Serge had the fortune of traveling globally, encountering diverse cultures and visions that have profoundly enriched his life.

Growing up among people from various backgrounds further nurtured this diversity, shaping his identity and expanding his view of the world and life.

These experiences have influenced his personal lifestyle and fashion sense.