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A network of independent and established Fashion designers from across the globe created for you. 

Bring out your inner self through fashion!

Our Vision

Bring out your inner self through fashion!

UNFOLLOWORLD, it’s a state of mind, it’s a lifestyle, it’s where you’re not afraid to step out from the crowd and be who you are, without fear of judgment. Life is too short to care about what others think.

We believe that fashion is a way to show who you are. To bring out your inner self and tell your story through the clothes you wear.

We want to encourage the next generation to embrace life, stay true to who they are, and dare to unfollow the crowd to pursue their dreams.

When Designer Come To Life

We curate a selection of the most exciting worldwide avant-garde designers.

We highlight the singularity of each brand by focusing on capsule collections.

We work closely with our selected designers to get to the core of their inspiration.


Meet Serge Gakpé, the founder of UNFOLLOWORLD

UNFOLLOWORLD was launched in 2021 by Serge Gakpé after a childhood spent

learning about fashion from his mother. “My mother learned the art of sewing from

her mother, training for hours on a manual sewing machine from a young age.

When she arrived in France in the ‘80s, she trained as a seamstress”.

Serge grew up in Paris, in a household where he learnt the finest details of sewing, surrounded by fabrics, swatches, design sketches, and tailoring sessions. The family home was a sewing workshop. Clients would often find Serge playing with his football amongst his mother’s sewing machines.

While his sights were set on a football career, Serge spent his time traveling to Paris with his mother for fabrics and accessories. Those experiences taught him that fashion can be a form of self-expression, but his dream was to become a footballer. At the age of 14, Serge joined the AS Monaco Football Academy where he started his professional football career. After 5 successful seasons, he joined FC Nantes for the next 4 years.

His career would take him to Italy, Belgium, and Cyprus. He played for the Togo National Team and took part in 3 African Nation cups.

“I have always been a fashion addict. I have also been lucky enough to travel the world and discover many new horizons. I also had the chance to grow up surrounded by the multicultural music, art, vision, and pop football culture. This constant diversity has gradually built my identity and has broadened my perspective on life. I have developed my own lifestyle and fashion sense based on all these experiences. I use this knowledge to create a unique selection of fashion products for our customers”.