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LA CASQUETTE SLOGAN burgundy made by Drole De Monsieur

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Generally, you can wear a cap to protect yourself from the sun or cold. It can reflect your love for the casual atmosphere with your friends and sportsmates. A cap can also show you support for a team. The French designer Drole De Monsieur has a new style of cap that you can wear for all occasions. The latest trend in caps by Drole De Monsieur is known as LA CASQUETTE SLOGAN. It is available in 2 different colors green and burgundy. The Not From Paris Madame slogan is printed at the front of the cap in a contrasting color. The cap is made of cotton. It can be worn in casual and informal occasions, like when you are watching or playing sports, or when you spend some time outdoors. The cap has a headgear and a visor. It has an adjustable strap with a branded buckle at the back. The cap can fit any head size thanks to the adjustable strap. LA CASQUETTE SLOGAN GREEN / BURGUNDY is suitable for eco-friendly consumers who are seeking to stand out from the crowd with their outfit. The visor is large enough to block the sunlight from the eyes. The green cap is recommended to induce a feeling of tranquility and environmental awareness. The green cap color is associated with your love to be among nature and a healthier lifestyle. The Burgundy cap is equally a must as the color is often associated with the powerful energy that inspires you to achieve your ambition.

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